Even the most exciting, well-crafted books can get lost in the ever-growing masses of new titles. Giving books a voice through social media and online presence is one of my fondest passions, and I’m here to help authors do the same.

What People Are Saying About Giving Books a Voice:

“Eva has been instrumental in not only my business’s success, but her advice and encouragement have kept me going when social media baffles me. She’s always current, knows what’s up and coming, and is thorough, clear, and concise with her advice. I don’t know how I could navigate social media without her.”
Brienna Bick, Founder and Owner of AgAuCu

“Don’t miss this—Eva knows what she’s talking about!”
Tamsin Flowers, author of Alchemy xii

“Eva Gantz […] changed and enhanced how I approach social media.
F. Leonora Solomon, Acquisitions Editor and Ravenous Romance Author