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“I know I should be doing more with my author social media, but I’m not sure where to even start.”

“My agent and publisher keep asking me about my social media platform, but I don’t know what to tell them.”

“I really just want to write. I hate marketing and promotion.”

Any of these sound familiar? Maybe they’re ringing a bell because you’ve been known to say them once or twice, or perhaps more than a few times.

All too often, we forget that social media is supposed to be just that: social. It’s about connecting with other people. Not business to business, or author to author, or author to potential book buyer: just a person talking to another person.

Isn’t that one of the most beautiful, important parts of being an author? You have the power to reach out to other people with your words. Social media simply makes it more immediate, and more interactive. But at its core, social media was made for writers (tweet this).

If you can approach social media as a fun opportunity rather than one more chore (take out the trash, do the dishes, walk the dog, post to Facebook), it can become one of the most exciting and productive part of your writing.

I hope that Giving Books a Voice can be a treasure chest of tools that you turn to in your social media journey. Need advice on getting started with a new social network? That’s here.  How about tips, tricks, and best practices to make you feel like you’ve been doing social media for years? Absolutely.

I’ve gathered all the little bits of social know-how I’ve gleaned from working with authors on their social presences. I hope that you’ll find this site, podcast, and community informative and inspiring. Most importantly, I hope you discover how fun social media for authors can be.

What People Are Saying About Giving Books a Voice:

“Eva has been instrumental in not only my business’s success, but her advice and encouragement have kept me going when social media baffles me. She’s always current, knows what’s up and coming, and is thorough, clear, and concise with her advice. I don’t know how I could navigate social media without her.”
Brienna Bick, Founder and Owner of AgAuCu

“Don’t miss this—Eva knows what she’s talking about!”
Tamsin Flowers, author of Alchemy xii

“Eva Gantz […] changed and enhanced how I approach social media.
F. Leonora Solomon, Acquisitions Editor and Ravenous Romance Author

About Giving Books a Voice Founder Eva Gantz

Since entering the publishing field in 2012, Eva has been passionate about connecting books and readers through social media. Nothing makes her happier than getting entertaining and important writing out into the world. The Giving Books a Voice podcast and website are designed to give free, innovative tips to authors and publishers who want to get smart about their social presence. Eva has been featured as a social media expert on sites like MashableSocial Media Today and Social Media Examiner, and builds community at Stellar.org. Eva can usually be found writing or reading in the corner of a café with a hazelnut latte.

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