What Twitter’s New Layout Means for You

Twitter has been testing out a new profile layout for a small sample of its users. The new look is suspiciously similar to a Facebook profile, and has social media folks around the web wondering, “Is Twitter turning into Facebook?” Regardless of the answer (please be no, please be no…), ¬†Twitter users should begin to think about how to tweak their existing profile to put their best face forward in the new view.


1. New photo sizes

Make sure your background photo fits the new specifications. The background image is now 1500×500, so your current image will appear stretched and distorted if not updated.

2. Playing Favorites*

In the new layout, favorites are now public. Yup, you read that right. Every tweet you’ve ever faved, from that yummy sandwich to an update on your best friend’s stomach flu, will now appear in a column easily accessible from your profile. Brb, I need to, uh, fix a few things ….

3. Be Selective about Pictures

There is now a whole section on your profile just for every picture and video you’ve ever tweeted, and it is displayed far more prominently (and with bigger photos) than the old version. If I had known this, perhaps I wouldn’t have taken quite so many pictures of myself with strange dogs. Perhaps.


4. Consider Curating a List

Lists are now also displayed as a tab on your profile, making them more likely to actually be noticed. Make a list for your favorite subject – say, book publishing – and add influencers and interesting voices on that topic. Being added to a list is always flattering, and it’s a good way to tune in to the tweets you actually want to see. Now, it will also be one more way to reflect your interests to people viewing your profile.

5. Size Matters

… so take advantage of the largest portion of the screen – now the header photo – and make a custom image. It could be a cute compilation of your book covers, or perhaps a picture overlayed with a literary quote. This is the perfect chance to sneak in a few extra tidbits of information that wouldn’t quite fit in your bio.

6. Pin-tweet

You can now pin a tweet to the top of your profile (click on the “…” on the bottom right of your tweet and select “pin to your profile page.” Handy for those important tweets you’d like to highlight without alienating your followers with 500 reposts of the same 140 characters.

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*I have been advised by the wonderful @JadeAWaters that favorites are already public on the current layout; they just aren’t quite as prominently featured.